Is it Safe to Plan Yet for 2022 Travel?

Is it Safe to Plan Yet for 2022 Travel?

( – After two years of lockdowns and limited travel, many people are starting to dream about their next trip abroad. With rising vaccination rates, improved COVID-19 testing methods, and a deeper understanding of how to treat the virus, it seems that confidence surrounding both domestic and international travel is increasing for 2022.

According to Expedia, around 37% of US travelers hope to make domestic and international travel in 2022. It seems most of them want to “go big” with their plans, likely due to the extra savings many Americans accumulated during the pandemic.

One company even saw a 35% increase in overseas bookings of their guided trips this November compared to the same time in 2019. In particular, it seems Americans are hoping to head to warm spots, like Peru and Morocco, next summer.

NBC New York shared more about the rekindled hope for traveling soon and how to ensure it goes smoothly:

While new COVID variants and different quarantine requirements could change in the coming months, most travelers know how to stay safe while moving about. However, grabbing some extra travel insurance is probably a good idea for anyone booking a trip for 2022, as no one can truly predict what the next year will hold.

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