ISIS Back to Executing Christians in Warning to the Entire World

ISIS Back to Executing Christians in Warning to the Entire World

( – Every few months, ISIS-related terrorist groups make a threatening execution video and publish it online as they try to conjure up fear in those around them. However, the most recent video shows that these terrorists may have begun targeting Christians once again.

A recent clip posted by a terror group in Egypt showed the execution of three men, one of which was a Christian. The other two were tribesmen who rebelled against the terrorists. Nabil Habashi Salama, 62, was an involved member of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, where he spent much of his time rebuilding churches that had been destroyed by radical Islamists. His church released a statement honoring Salama, noting that “he kept the faith till the moment he was killed.”

Fox News contributor Sara Carter shared her take on the story:

The terrorists declared that death was “the price you pay for supporting the Egyptian army.” This is a clear, current threat to anyone who supports the Egyptian government, but is also especially harrowing to followers of the Christian faith.

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