ISIS Operative Sentenced to Prison

ISIS Operative Sentenced to Prison

( – For years, Americans have heard stories of ISIS recruiters luring women and girls to leave their homes in the US to join the terrorist organization in the Middle East. Sometimes, these terrorists were able to get men to join the fight, too, often manipulating them to commit violent acts and crimes. In a major win for national security, New York just held its first terrorism trial, where a jury successfully convicted what a man referred to as “one of the world’s most influential English-speaking terrorists.”

The two-month trial of Trevor William Forrest, who also went by the name Shaikh Abdullah Faisal, ended on January 26, when a jury found Faisal guilty of soliciting and providing support for acts of terrorism to various degrees. A judge sentenced him to 18 years in prison. On March 23, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Jr. announced the successful prosecution, noting how the criminal’s “advocacy, recruitment and provision of material support to ISIS helped the terrorist organization perform horrific acts, including the murder and kidnapping of innocent people.”

The New York Police Department teamed up with the Manhattan DA’s office to bring this case to a close. A press release recapped this historic case, noting how Faisal connected Americans with ISIS fighters overseas, advocated for jihadist violence, and helped women to marry ISIS fighters, among other things.

Eventually, Faisal was brought to justice after he communicated at length with an undercover officer whom he tried to recruit to ISIS and broker a marriage arrangement for as well. He spoke with the agent about how to use discreet language, encryption tools, and travel abroad. Faisal also published a lot of online propaganda in the form of speeches and has a record in the UK of inciting murder, among other things. Faisal will now be behind bars for almost two decades, and the NYPD Intelligence Bureau will continue seeking terrorists like him to bring them to justice.

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