Ivy League College Considers Cry Rooms for Offended Law Students

Ivy League College Considers Cry Rooms for Offended Law Students

(ConservativeInsider.org) – There’s an expectation that when someone goes to law school they are prepared to have tough conversations about a variety of topics. After all, the law is not all rainbows and daisies; it can be tough and uncomfortable. A group of Georgetown Law students must have missed that memo because they’re making outrageous demands.

The drama started when a Georgetown constitutional law scholar, Ilya Shapiro, posted his opinion about President Joe Biden’s promise to place a black woman on the Supreme Court. The professor told his Twitter followers that he believes Sri Srinivasan is the best person for the high court, but won’t be chosen because the president is using sex and race as parameters for choosing a nominee. Shapiro went on to say the next justice will always have an asterisk by her name, and then asked his followers if they thought Biden’s promise was sexist and racist.

Instead of engaging in a thoughtful conversation, liberal activists demanded Georgetown fire Shapiro. The school suspended him and launched an investigation.

According to the National Review, one student was so upset over Shapiro’s comments that she asked Dean of Students Mitch Bailin if there was a place students could go if they wanted to “cry, if they need to break down.” Instead of telling the student to grow up and letting her know she shouldn’t expect to agree with every opinion, Bailin told her she could always contact him if she was upset and he’d find her a place to go. Someone should probably let the leftist students know that courtrooms don’t have crying rooms.

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