Jen Psaki Walks Back Space Force Snub

Jen Psaki Walks Back Space Force Snub

( – Many Americans had hoped this new presidential administration would be able to set aside partisan differences and unite America and all the citizens within it. However, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki openly mocked the US Space Force, the newest branch of our country’s military, during a press briefing. This smugness shows just how anti-Trump Joe Biden’s team is, even at the expense of our nation’s heroes.

On Tuesday, February 2, reporters asked Psaki if Biden would continue to focus on the Space Force, a highlight of the Trump administration’s work to protect our nation. She responded with a sarcastic “wow” and called it the “plane of today.” Psaki then admitted she had no idea who her point of contact with the Space Force is.

Senator Doug Mastriano (R-AL) called Psaki out for her lack of respect for a critical part of our military:

Psaki later shared the following on Twitter:

By mocking the Space Force, Psaki not only insulted our nation’s heroes, but could have emboldened our enemies who also vie for power in outer space. Her apology was too little, too late, as she already showed the Biden administration’s biased outlook on the vital new branch of our military.

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