Jill Biden Sent on Risky Diplomacy Trip Representing America

Jill Biden Sent on Risky Diplomacy Trip Representing America

Jill Biden’s Takes On GIANT Gamble

(ConservativeInsider.org) – First Lady Jill Biden has traveled internationally by herself twice since her husband entered the White House in January 2021. However, her third trip will likely be the most difficult as she heads south to shore up relations between America and multiple South and Central American leaders ahead of the June Summit of the Americas event.

Summit Faces Uncertain Future in Light of Exclusions

Various countries in the Americas have met eight times since 1994 at a summit to discuss the region and build relationships between their leaders. However, this year, the US will host the ninth Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. The current administration banned leaders from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, causing many others, including Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to float plans to boycott the event.

First Lady Sent to Strengthen Ties Ahead of Summit

With the potential boycott in mind, Jill Biden left for her South and Central American tour on Wednesday, May 18. She had planned to bring her daughter Ashley along on the trip, but she tested positive for COVID-19 just before departure and had to cancel.

Jill Biden began in Quito, Ecuador, before traveling to Panama City, Panama, on Friday. On Saturday, the First Lady and her entourage will arrive in San José, Costa Rica. They will return home on Monday.

Throughout the trip, they will visit embassies, schools, hospitals, children’s centers, and an HIV-AIDS shelter. Between these appearances and meals with the leaders of the nations, she hopes to restore optimism for the summit in June.

Biden’s Speech in Ecuador

During her speech in Ecuador, Jill Biden highlighted that the US is “committed” to the region and democracy, emphasizing how “if one nation is vulnerable to authoritarianism or a health crisis or poverty, it won’t be long before those same problems reach us all.” She ended by noting the resilience and strength of families in Ecuador, noting that those ties are what bind citizens together from all over the world.

The Biden administration hopes this outreach will provide a solid foundation for all the nations invited to attend the June summit, but more importantly, that the relationship between the countries will continue to grow in strength. The recent war between Russia and Ukraine in Eastern Europe highlights the importance of having strong relationships with your neighbors.

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