Joe Biden Caves – Moves Against Progressives in Act of Desperation

Joe Biden Caves - Moves Against Progressives in Act of Desperation

( – Since President Joe Biden first announced his infrastructure package months ago, lawmakers have been hard at work figuring out just what it should include and how to pay for it. One point of contention has been whether or not to include the Hyde Amendment, a ban ensuring federal funding does not go towards abortions. However, President Biden just made a surprising announcement about this potential bill addition, angering many within his own party.

On Tuesday, October 6, reporters asked Biden if he would be “okay” with the Hyde Amendment in the reconciliation bill, something most Democrats do not want. Biden responded that he would “sign it either way.” The North Carolina Family Policy Council shared news of Biden’s bold announcement on Twitter:

With the announcement, Biden joined Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) in letting the public know they do not want lawmakers to hold up the bill solely because of this issue. However, some Progressives may not vote for a bill with the Hyde Amendment, further complicating and delaying this supposedly legacy-making legislation.

Suppose GOP and middle-ground lawmakers can hold their ground in the coming weeks. In that case, it’s likely far-left Democrats will not get their funding for abortion, forcing providers like Planned Parenthood to look somewhere other than American taxpayers for their profits.

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