Joe Biden Deploying Operatives to Harass Americans Who Don’t Get Experimental Vaccinations

Joe Biden Deploying Operatives to Harass Americans Who Don't Get Experimental Vaccinations

( – President Joe Biden did not meet his administration’s July 4th goal of having 70% of our nation’s eligible persons vaccinated. He likely is taking heat from his party for not reaching this goal. Now he’s announced a terrifying plan to try and boost the numbers of Americans who have gotten the COVID-19 jab.

On Tuesday, July 6, President Biden announced he will send government and healthcare advocates “door to door” in communities with low vaccination rates in an attempt to convince them to receive the experimental vaccination.

Founder and chairman of Children’s Health Defense Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. shared what this plan would actually do to Americans:

The idea of spending copious amounts of taxpayer money, as well as people’s time and effort, on such a campaign is baffling. In theory, people who are vaccinated are safe, and thus should not be nervous about being around those who are unvaccinated. At this point in the pandemic, Americans who have chosen not to receive the experimental vaccine likely have a good reason, such as the lack of transparency surrounding the ingredients, side effects, and unknown long-term effects of the vaccine.

Since our nation began, Americans have enjoyed the freedom of making their own decisions for their lives, free from harassment by the government. Let’s keep it that way.

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