Joe Biden Finally Considering Sending in an Official to Deal With Israel Crisis

Joe Biden Finally Considering Sending in an Official to Deal With Israel Crisis

( – On Monday, May 10, Israel and Palestine began exchanging rockets and bombs, and the turmoil has only escalated since. On Tuesday night, Palestine’s Hamas group, along with other militants, fired more than 100 rockets into Tel Aviv while Israel fired back. After days of this gruesome fighting, President Joe Biden has finally decided to send someone to help navigate a ceasefire.

As it stands, Biden has not appointed an ambassador to Israel and, until now, he hadn’t tasked anyone in his administration with working on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But, as of Wednesday, May 12, Hady Amr will travel to the Middle East to help resolve the current conflict. This may not work out so well, though, as Amr has a history of supporting Hamas and pushing to give them a seat at the negotiating table, despite the fact they’re a designated terrorist group.

Countries around the world, including India and its newsgroup the Business Standard, have taken notice of Biden’s lack of leadership on the issue:

While this serious conflict continues to escalate, there have been numerous other crises cropping up around the country this week, leading the Biden administration into a tough spot. So, rather than shirking away from his responsibilities, Biden must stand firm in our nation’s policies if stability is to come back to the Middle East.

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