Joe Biden Gives the Order to Drop Terror Designation of Evil Group

Joe Biden Gives the Order to Drop Terror Designation of Evil Group

( – Former President Donald Trump spent every day of his presidency ensuring the United States was safe from foreign enemies, especially terrorists. In January 2021, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared Yemen’s Houthi rebels, commonly known as “Ansarallah,” a terrorist organization. But, President Joe Biden has just undone this bold move, allowing this evil terrorist group to run its regime just a bit easier.

On Friday, February 5, the Biden administration said it would no longer call the Houthis a terrorist organization, despite the fact that their slogan directly threatens the United States:

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) also released a statement denouncing Biden’s decision:

Iran backs the Houthi rebels, whose conflict against the Yemeni government has, according to the International Rescue Committee, pushed 80% of the country’s population to need humanitarian aid and thousands to face likely famine.

Biden just handed this destructive group a win as they continue to wreak havoc on Yemen. He is choosing to ignore evil and call it by a different name. This stands in stark contrast to the Trump administration that was willing to make hard choices to ensure the safety of Americans and citizens of the world.

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