Joe Biden Keeps Visitor Logs Private After Multiple Trips Home Confirmed

Joe Biden Keeps Visitor Logs Private After Secret Trips Confirmed

( – Every president likes to get out of the White House for some time away from the hustle and bustle of Washington DC. While some head to Camp David for time away, others head to their personal homes or vacation getaways.

President Joe Biden is one of those and has now taken 18 trips back to Delaware since taking office. However, the administration just announced it won’t be releasing any visitor logs from the president’s numerous returns home, causing many Americans to question just what the leader is doing at home.

Biden Administration Fails to Keep Transparency Front and Center

Since taking office, President Biden has assured the American people that he is going to “restore transparency and trust in government.” However, his actions thus far have failed to do anything of the sort. On Wednesday, August 11, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced they will not release the contents of the visitor logs from the president’s Delaware residence.

Psaki tried to downplay the issue by emphasizing that Biden doesn’t want “the comings and goings of the president’s grandchildren or people visiting him” to be out in the world for anyone to see. However, Psaki also said that “every president is always working, no matter where they are,” which shows that anyone visiting the president in Delaware could easily be meeting about politics.

The lack of transparency comes as Biden’s son Hunter, who has no background in art, is set to sell his paintings in the coming weeks and earn as much as $500,000 from anonymous buyers. In addition, the relationship between Joe Biden and his son is hazy when it comes to Hunter’s business dealings in China as well. By keeping visitor logs, which likely include Hunter, private, the president could be concealing conflict of interest information from the public.

Merrick Garland’s 2013 Decision

In 2009, the Obama administration began releasing some White House and personal residence visitor logs to improve transparency in the middle of a lawsuit involving Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. In 2017, President Trump stopped the practice over “national security risks and privacy concerns.”

Now, Biden is following in Trump’s footsteps, despite his alleged commitment to be more open about what is actually happening behind the scenes in the administration. President Biden is likely to make more trips back home, and unfortunately, Americans will have no way to know who he met with or what was discussed during his time away from the Oval Office.

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