Joe Biden Loses Black Support in Shocking New Research

Joe Biden Loses Black Support in Shocking New Research

Joe Biden – New Poll Reveals What Black Voters Really Think

( – It’s no secret that President Joe Biden has incredibly low approval ratings. Various news outlets over the past few weeks have even been publishing articles and op-eds about how the progressive party is looking for an alternative presidential candidate for 2024. Now, a new poll by The New York Times reveals even black voters are backing away from the current leader of the US.

From July 5-7, The New York Times paired up with Siena College Research Institute to poll 849 registered US voters. The data has a margin of error of 4.1%. According to the research, only 33% of Americans approve of POTUS in any way, leaving 60% to somewhat or strongly disapprove of “the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president.”

However, when black Democrats were asked who they wanted to run on the 2024 presidential ticket, only 43% said they want Biden to seek a second term, whereas 47% hope a new person is nominated.

The sitting president once had quite a bit of support from the African-American community, but it seems that is now eroding along with the support of young Americans. According to the results, 94% of 18-29-year-old Democrats hope to nominate a different candidate for 2024.

Respondents who hope for a new 2024 candidate noted both age and job performance as the top reasons to replace Joe Biden. Do you think those reasons are strong enough to drive the Democratic party to find someone new?

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