Joe Biden Picks His Obama 2.0 Cabinet

Joe Biden Picks His Obama 2.0 Cabinet

( – With his January 20th inauguration pending, Joe Biden has announced the completion of his “dream team” cabinet choices. While some are fresh faces, many of his picks are repeats from the Obama administration, which begs the question – will this Obama 2.0 setup lead us straight back to the same swamp Trump pulled us out of?

Here’s a full list of Biden’s chosen advisors:

Some of the most notable repeats include:

  • Secretary of State – Antony Blinken (served as Deputy Secretary of State under Obama)
  • Attorney General – Merrick Garland (a former Obama SCOTUS nominee)
  • Secretary of Agriculture – Tom Vilsack (returning to the same position)
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs – Denis McDonough (Obama’s 2nd term chief of staff)
  • Secretary of Homeland Security – Alejandro Mayorkas (Obama’s director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services AND Deputy Homeland Security secretary)

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) shared her thoughts on these Cabinet picks:

These are only some of the Biden appointments that hail from the Obama era. There are many others waiting in the wings to push their progressive, socialist agendas and drive the nation towards a catastrophic level of debt. We can only hope some of the policy changes President Donald Trump has made over the past four years will survive.

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