Joe Biden Poll Shows 1 in 3 People Think He Won Because of Fraud

Joe Biden Poll Shows 1 in 3 People Think He Won Because of Fraud

( – Many Democrats have tried to squash any talk of election fraud since the November 2020 presidential election. But, as time marches forward, it’s becoming more apparent that America’s interest and demand for election integrity is not just a passing whim, but something its citizens feel needs to be rectified. A new poll conducted by Monmouth University this month confirmed just that.

From June 9 to 14, Monmouth University surveyed 810 adults about their thoughts on the 2020 election cycle. The survey found that 32% of respondents believe voter fraud led to Biden’s victory over former President Donald Trump last year. Monmouth shared more revealing data on Twitter:

The poll also touched on voter ID laws, showing that 80% of respondents support voters needing to provide photo identification when turning in their ballots. While the sampling error could sway the numbers plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, this poll is still quite telling of the American political landscape.

If our nation is to move forward with confidence in future elections, our legislators must pass safeguards and insurances that show Americans their vote will be counted fairly. In addition, those concerned about their local elections can choose to volunteer at the polls to participate and protect our democracy first hand.

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