Joe Biden Promotes Made-Up Story About Police Officer Being Murdered at Capitol

Joe Biden Promotes Made Up Story About Police Officer Being Murdered at Capitol

( – After President Joe Biden’s poor performance during the Geneva summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was probably feeling the pressure to try and turn the meeting into a win. However, when confronted about his lack of backbone when Putin defended his nation’s suppression of protests, Biden chose to lie and perpetuate a made-up story about a police officer being murdered by Trump supporters during the January 6 Capitol riot.

PBS Reporter Calls Biden Out for His Weak Reactions

After the Geneva summit, PBS News reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked President Biden about his response to Putin’s poor human rights record. Biden began by laughing at the question and then called Putin’s cracking down on opposition leaders a “ridiculous comparison” to make.

Biden then told an utterly false story, saying that “criminals” chose “to break through cordon, go into the Capitol, kill a police officer, and be held unaccountable.” The Daily Caller shared Biden’s full response:

This false tale was first reported by the New York Times who said Trump supporters beat two officers, including officer Brian Sicknick, to death with a fire extinguisher. However, this was quickly proven untrue.

The Real Story of Brian Sicknick’s Death

After a thorough autopsy of officer Brian Sicknick, Medical Examiner Francisco J. Diaz declared that Sicknick died of natural causes. The report notes that Sicknick did not suffer any injuries from the encounters on January 6. While he was attacked with a chemical irritant, there was also no sign of an allergic reaction.

The official report shows he collapsed later that day and was transferred to the hospital. The following day, he passed away after having two strokes at the base of his brain stem.

Biden Continues to Lie About This — and What Else?

Biden is not a stranger to telling lies. Yet, this one is one of the more obvious untruths the president has perpetuated. This story has been refuted by a plethora of sources, even the radical and ridiculous CNN. Yet, so many of the Left’s “fact-checkers” failed to call President Biden out for this false tale.

Seeing the leader of our nation blatantly lie to reporters forces many Americans to wonder what else Biden could be lying about, especially behind closed doors. It is up to aggressive reporters and the American people to keep our president accountable for his words both on and off the world stage.

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