Joe Biden Says He Ran for President for 3 Reasons, Forgets to Name Last One

Joe Biden Says He Ran for President for 3 Reasons, Forgets to Name Even One

( – President Joe Biden is the sixth president in a row to visit the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania while in office. His trip consisted of a visit to Mack Trucks’ one-million-square-foot assembly plant in Lower Macungie Township to speak about his Made in America plan. But, his speech fell flat when he forgot to finish his train of thought about the three reasons he says he ran for president.

Biden’s Memory Fails Him Yet Again

During his meandering speech on Wednesday, July 28, President Biden told his audience that he ran for president for three specific reasons. The first being to “restore the soul of this country, a sense of decency and honor.” The second was “to rebuild the backbone of the country,” highlighting the middle class as the ones “who built this country.” Afterward, Biden skipped over the third reason and trailed off to talk about unions and their influence on our nation instead.

Rather than emphasizing the fact that hard-working Americans and the freedom to run small businesses as the main reasons there has been a thriving middle class in our nation, Biden said it was unions that “build the middle class.” While there’s certainly a time and place for unions, Biden may have overstated the power of unions over the course of history and insulted those Americans not part of them in the process.

Biden Claims He Won Because of Unions

Further along in his speech, after still forgetting to mention the third reason he ran for president, Biden noted that “if it weren’t for the [United Auto Workers] in 1970 too, I never would have won.” He did not give any further explanation as to why his victory was contingent on union support, but it did make many Americans wonder just what influence he has over them — or vice versa.

In addition, Biden’s visit to the Mack Truck facility wasn’t without its protests. On both sides of Route 100 near the plant, Trump supporters waved patriotic flags, cheered at people who honked for them, and played music. This showed that while Biden may think he has his hometown valley in his hands, there are still vast amounts of Americans in the Lehigh Valley that do not follow his lead.

Biden Tries to Win Back Support of Factory Workers

The crowd gathered to hear Biden at the plant was a meager 130 people. The main takeaways, aside from Biden’s stumbling speech and failure to make complete thoughts, included Biden’s effort to boost American manufacturing and use the federal government’s budget to support it. As Biden did take this focus on supporting America-made production from former President Donald Trump, we can say it’s a good move for everyone involved.

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