Joe Biden Seems Supportive of High Gas Prices — Why?

Joe Biden Seems Supportive of High Gas Prices - Why?

High Gas Prices Have Exposed Biden’s True Agenda

( – High gas prices have strained American budgets this spring, many to the point they are cutting back on driving or making concessions elsewhere, like at the grocery store. Others are looking toward their lawmakers and President Joe Biden for a bit of relief at the pump. But, any significant assistance will likely not come from our head of state, as he appears to be in support of the high gas prices.

On Monday, June 20, President Biden was vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, when he told reporters that something “good” was coming from the high gas prices. He believes it is the “chance to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy.”

However, these comments sounded quite tone-deaf to many Americans who won’t be able to make a beach vacation happen this year like Biden due to the rising cost of just about everything. Many others certainly don’t have $50,000 or more to invest in an electric car that would allow them to spend less on gas.

Renewable energy takes millions of dollars of investment and years to build. If gas prices stay high until the US turns towards renewables, we could be experiencing pain at the pumps for quite a while.

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