Joe Biden Signing Order to Give IRS More Power

Joe Biden Signing Order to Give IRS More Power

( – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been struggling for years to minimize the gap between taxes that Americans and corporations owe the federal government and what taxes have actually been paid. In order for President Joe Biden to shrink this tax gap, he’s hoping to give the IRS more power to target wealthy citizens.

On Tuesday, April 27, the New York Times reported that, according to Washington insiders, President Biden wants to give $80 billion to the agency in order to do more audits on wealthy Americans. The administration’s hope is that even with this spending, there would be a large net gain for the federal government once outstanding taxes are identified and collected.

Not everyone agreed with the White House’s optimism on the subject, though. Jarome Bell, the candidate for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, shared his thoughts on Twitter:

President Biden will likely announce this plan and its $80-billion price tag when speaking to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday evening. While collecting the taxes owed to the federal government is an essential and honorable task, it’s likely Biden will simply continue spending way more than the government actually has coming in, only adding to our ever-growing national debt.

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