Joe Biden Takes a Knee in Basketball Photo-Op

Joe Biden Takes a Knee in Basketball Photo Op

( – One way a president gets to connect with Americans is to celebrate everyday victories with citizens. From meeting the National Spelling Bee winners to congratulating sports teams, the commander-in-chief usually meets quite a few new faces during their time in office. But, when President Joe Biden met with this year’s WNBA champion team, he chose to awkwardly take a knee in front of them rather than stand tall by their side.

On Monday, August 23, President Biden hosted the Seattle Storm WNBA team at the White House to celebrate their recent championship victory. While all team members and its staff stood up for the photo-op, the president decided to go in front of them all and take a knee while holding up the jersey the team gave him.

Biden’s taking a knee was likely a symbolic gesture supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, although it appeared awkward at best to others in the room when he did it. Turning Point Chief Creative Officer Benny Johnson shared a video of the blunder on Twitter:

The WNBA has a long history of social justice, as it was one of the first sports teams to support the BLM movement. Yet, it’s puzzling that Biden didn’t seem to know how far-reaching his kneeling could mean at this photo-op. It is mind-boggling that he thought kneeling was a wise choice for a president to make, especially at such a treacherous time in our nation’s history.

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