Joe Biden Vows to Push Against Gun Rights

Joe Biden Vows to Push Against Gun Rights

( – Our Founding Fathers drafted the Bill of Rights so that Americans would remain free even as the government and society changed over time. Securing our right to keep and bear arms ensured every citizen could protect themselves through gun ownership. But, Joe Biden is hoping to steal away these rights written right into the supreme law of our land.

On the 10th anniversary of the Tucson, Arizona shooting, Joe Biden released the following statement announcing his hopes to “defeat” the National Rifle Association (NRA), our nation’s oldest civil rights organization:

Biden chose to politicize the deaths of six Americans in order to push his far-left agenda meant to whittle away at our rights. The NRA pushed back on Biden, issuing their own call for Americans to join the legislative process:

Joe Biden has made his hopes and intentions of eliminating our rights quite clear. As Americans committed to the Constitution and the future of our nation, we must speak out to secure these liberties so that future generations can enjoy the freedom we now enjoy.

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