Joe Biden’s Dirty Tricks for the Economy Are Reportedly Gimmicks

Joe Biden's Dirty Tricks for the Economy Are Reportedly Gimmicks

( – When President Joe Biden first campaigned on the platform of passing a new social spending package, he promised the American people such legislation would not cost the everyday citizen anything. However, now that the Build Back Better plan is nearing completion, it’s clear that Biden’s statement is untrue. The legislation actually includes a variety of gimmicks purposefully made to hide the true cost of the programs over time.

Unpacking the Build Back Better Plan

On Friday, November 19, the House passed the Build Back Better plan with a 220-213 vote. While it has yet to pass in the Senate, the current version of the bill includes paid family leave, universal pre-kindergarten, and an expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, among other things. The bill has a hefty price tag of nearly $2 trillion dollars although Democrats vow it won’t cost taxpayers a dime because it’ll increase IRS taxes and audits on highly-profitable companies to make up for the difference.

Yet, even former senior advisor to Barack Obama, Steve Rattner, called out the bill for using “budget gimmicks” to reduce its price tag. These sunset clauses provide the programs with federal funding for just a few years, then either force states to pick up the bill or have a future Congress pass additional funding for the programs. By doing this, the upfront price tag seems lower than the true cost over time.

In this vein, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget believes the legislation would actually add a minimum of $800 billion to the deficit over the next 5 years.

McCarthy Attacks the Pricey Bill in the Longest Speech in House-floor History

On Sunday, November 21, House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Fox News listeners that the current Democratic hold of both Congress and the White House shows how “big government socialism isn’t working.” This bold statement came after he delivered an 8-hour, 32-minute speech just days prior, condemning the bill for its egregious spending that will likely fuel inflation even more.

During McCarthy’s speech, he declared “the president and the Democrats have been lying to us all along, saying the bill was paid for.” Additionally, he emphasized the current bill “is bigger than the New Deal” and the cost of World War II. He questioned how anyone can believe such an enormous bill is truly “free,” and noted the actual goal of the bill is simply to make the federal government larger.

Will America Wake Up to Big Government Spending?

Hopefully, Americans and lawmakers understand the enormous long-term impact that the Build Back Better plan could have on everyday Americans and their businesses, in addition to already rising inflation. Only by understanding the gimmicks and sunset clauses built into the bill will citizens see it for what it is: a plan to bankrupt America with a bigger federal government.

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