Joe Biden’s Popularity Falls Below 50% for First Time Ever

Joe Biden's Popularity Falls Below 50% for First Time Ever

( – Presidents typically enter the White House optimistic about their next four years and hope to leave behind a positive legacy. But, as President Joe Biden is just seven months into his term as leader of our nation, he faces constantly slipping approval ratings. They have now dipped below 50%.

On Wednesday, August 18, FiveThirtyEight released its latest poll numbers on President Joe Biden, showing his approval rating has fallen to 49.3%, with a disapproval rating of 44.2%. This drop is likely reflecting Biden’s quick and uncoordinated withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan that left the nation to fall quickly to the Taliban this past week. However, in July, the commander-in-chief’s numbers began falling as the Delta variant of COVID-19 caused a spike in cases across the nation once again.

RealClear Politics also released its latest set of polling numbers for the president, showing a 49.6% approval rating compared to a 47.2% disapproval rating. This data affirms the first poll’s numbers and goes to show that President Biden’s popularity is waning early in his term.

Telegraph writers Frank Luntz and Mark Montgomery shared more about the president’s drop in popularity:

With such horrific events playing out in Afghanistan, President Biden has a steep hill to climb to recover from this additional wound to his popularity. For many, this might just be the motivation needed to get voters to the polls for the 2022 midterms.

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