Joe Manchin Demands Work-Based Payment System for Child Tax

Joe Manchin Demands Work-Based Payment System for Child Tax

( – Democrats are still trying to rally the 50 Senate votes needed to pass their multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill. However, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is using his key place as a moderate within the party to push back on the large price tag by trying to minimize the child tax credit many families are already receiving.

According to a report by Axios on Sunday, October 17, Senator Manchin told the Biden administration he won’t support the reconciliation bill unless the child tax credit includes an income cap of around $60,000 and a work requirement. These demands reflect a sentiment he shared in a September interview with CNN that “the people should make some effort” in return if the government is sending money to families.

Axios first shared the exclusive report on Twitter:

If Manchin holds fast to this demand, it’ll further stall this bill from making it to Biden’s desk, as Progressives are unlikely to support a bill with such a limiting factor for the popular child tax credit. These new red lines made by the West Virginia lawmaker would help limit the cost of the proposed bill in the long run, and may help derail the enormous spending bill from passing at all.

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