John Kerry Flies Around in Jet Talking About Carbon Emissions

John Kerry Flies Around in Jet Talking About Carbon Emissions

( – US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry got into trouble this week after telling blue-collar workers they will be switching from their oil and gas jobs to making solar panels. This comes as Kerry continues to push for clean energy and a reduction in carbon emissions while owning and operating a private jet, one of the worst offenders when it comes to said emissions.

According to records from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Flying Squirrel LLC, a company owned by Kerry’s wife, owns a Gulfstream Aerospace jet. In 2004, when Kerry ran for president, he paid $273,171 to his wife’s charter company, likely for his numerous flights around the nation.

Private jets are estimated to produce nearly 40 times more carbon per passenger than a commercial flight. While John Kerry pushes for everyone else to reduce their environmental impact, his family has their own enormous carbon footprint to deal with.

The View host Meghan McCain called Kerry out for his hypocrisy:

The Biden administration is crushing blue-collar workers through its clean energy initiatives without taking a moment to evaluate their own lifestyles. While we’re responsible for the planet we live on, we can only truly be responsible for our own impact and Kerry is failing in a big way.

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