John Kerry Reveals His TRUE Attitude Toward China!

John Kerry Gushes Over China Because He Thinks They're --- Green?

John Kerry Gushes Over China Because He Thinks They’re — Green?

( – In recent years, China’s emissions have grown, moving the country from a small polluter to becoming the world’s biggest producer of carbon emissions. According to the Global Carbon Project, China produced 2,912 million tons of carbon in 2020, compared to only 1,286 tons put out by the United States. Despite this, President Joe Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry applauded the fact the eastern nation has a plan to reduce its carbon footprint.

On Wednesday, September 28, Kerry appeared on MSNBC to talk about his stance on climate change. The host asked him if there was anything to be done about China’s hesitancy when it came to reducing its rate of pollution. In response, Kerry defended the communist country, highlighting it “has a plan” and is “building more electric vehicles than in all the rest of the world put together.”

China does not have a good track record of following through on its promises or providing clear-cut data and transparency on sensitive topics like COVID-19 or climate change. While Kerry said he was “not excusing China,” many listeners interpreted his stance as praise for the nation over things it has yet to officially implement.

Many expected Biden’s climate czar to use this opportunity to put additional pressure on China to get its pollution under control. His choice not to do this seemed to fly in the face of his job responsibilities.

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