John McAfee Said if He Was Ever Found Hanging, Someone Did it to Him

John McAfee Said if He Was Ever Found Hanging, Someone Did it to Him

( – Spanish authorities announced the death of security software pioneer John McAfee this week. It occurred just after the nation approved his extradition to the United States. However, the eccentric man’s passing is now shrouded in controversy after a 2019 tweet of his resurfaced.

On Wednesday, June 23, McAfee’s body was found around 7 p.m. in his Spanish jail cell. The following day, a spokeswoman for the Catalan regional government’s Justice Department told the Wall Street Journal that “everything indicates that it could be a death by suicide.” However, many Americans questioned the reason for his death after remembering a November 30, 2019 tweet from McAfee:

McAfee wanted the world to know that he did not believe he would ever kill himself and to raise suspicions about a potential murder if he passed away. McAfee’s lawyer Nishay Sanan was told McAfee’s body was found alone, hanging in his cell. McAfee did share his cell with another man, although no information has been shared about him at this time.

As a full investigation, including an autopsy, is conducted into McAfee’s death, it will be one every American will want to watch closely. Understanding the truth of who McAfee was and what he believed is key to honoring his life and legacy.

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