Johns Hopkins Shows Lockdowns of All Kinds Don’t Stop Covid

Johns Hopkins Shows Lockdowns of All Kinds Don't Stop Covid

( – When states began locking down during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, then-President Donald Trump gave some warnings. He told the American people he was very worried the cure would be worse than the disease, and he refused to impose a national lockdown for that reason. As the country moves into year three of the pandemic, it’s clear the 45th POTUS was right – and a new study supports that conclusion.

In January 2022, The Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise co-director, Steve H. Hanke, along with two other researchers released a study about the impact of the pandemic lockdowns on mortality rates. The team found the lockdowns had “little to no public health effects.” Data showed there was “no clear negative correlation” between the severity of a lockdown and the number of people who died in a particular place.

Hanke and his co-researchers determined the misguided policies actually had “enormous economic and social costs” in areas where politicians adopted them. Joining Hanke was Jonas Herby, a special adviser at Denmark’s Center for Political Studies, and Lars Jonung of Sweden’s Lund University. All three hail from prestigious medical institutions with incredible credentials, making the study even more credible.

The researchers concluded lockdowns were terrible policies, and lawmakers should reject them as an instrument to keep the pandemic under control. Of course, Trump and his fellow Republicans figured that out when California’s COVID-19 deaths soared despite the state’s draconian lockdown policies – maybe the Left should have listened.

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