Joy Reid Attacks Bible, Points Out “Human Sacrifice” During Twitter Rant

Joy Reid Attacks Bible, Points Out

( – Americans know MSNBC correspondent and political commentator Joy Reid for her bold statements. However, Reid may have taken things a bit too far during her latest Twitter rant where she misrepresented Christianity and human rights to her followers.

On Sunday, January 23, Reid started an attack against freedom-loving Americans on Twitter by suggesting the government should be able to revoke sick peoples’ rights to move about the US freely. After some banter back and forth, one commenter said that Christians “are willing to sacrifice the old, the infirm, & the young to the god Mammon.” Reid then replied with the following tweet, supporting and perpetuating this incorrect portrayal of Christianity:

In the Old Testament, the Hebrew God does ask one of his followers to sacrifice his son. However, God intervenes before the man can follow through on the task by providing a ram for the sacrifice instead. With this move, the God of the Bible clearly displays how He will do things differently than others, not with child sacrifice but with mercy and grace — two themes that are very prominent within the religion.

Reid, who is often part of the Left’s attempt to espouse “misinformation,” participated in her own skewing of history and religion through her tweet. It was quite ironic when she continued her rant against alternative COVID-19 treatments as “snake oil mania,” and accused unvaccinated Americans of “collapsing” the US health system. Perhaps Reid should check her facts, both on COVID-19 and Christianity, before her next rant.

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