Judge Rules on Student Sent Home For “Only Two Genders” Shirt

(ConservativeInsider.org) – A Massachusetts-based federal judge, who was appointed by Barack Obama when he was president, has decided that a school that banned one of its seventh-grade students for wearing a t-shirt bearing the words “there are only two genders” was within its rights, because the message on the t-shirt had the capacity to “intrude upon the rights of others”.

Indira Talwani, the district court judge, also said that the shirt worn by Liam Morrison could be construed as contrary to the dress code at Middlesborough Public School. Morrison said that he was sent home because school administrators had been told by other students that the t-shirt was making them feel “unsafe”. Many parents question how the teachers are preparing their students for life in the outside world, if a few words on a t-shirt are enough to make contemporary students feel fear.

The judge’s remarks seem to be at odds with historical and legal precedent, insofar as “having the capacity to” or “likely to” are nebulous terms when it comes to words which may or may not “intrude upon the rights of others”. What may cause offence to one person may not cause offence to another, and there is no shortage of people in today’s society who are prepared to take offence at a wide variety of opinions that were not seen as controversial in the recent past.

Morrison, the student, made the point that he never complained when LGBTQIA+ activists and students started flying Pride flags and displaying posters extolling the virtues of diversity, equity, and inclusion around his school, because “everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone has a right to their beliefs.”

However, the debate raging around gender identity is unlikely to calm down to the point where calm discussions may be had any time soon. Gamers have been banned from the social media site Twitch for saying “there are only two genders” and a neuroscientist was recently booted from the American Psychological Association for saying the same thing.

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