Jupiter-Like “Planet” Discovered in Ursa Major Constellation


(ConservativeInsider.org) – The next scientific discovery is only ever a few days away, as researchers are always delving deeper into the universe and the “why” behind so many of life’s questions. Citizen scientists from the Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 project recently found a new object in space, something that experts may even one day consider a planet.

Teams have been looking at a star named BD+60 1417 for quite some time, hoping to spot an exoplanet companion nearby. While some researchers moved on to other tasks, citizen scientists from an astronomy club continued their search, eventually finding a companion to BD+60 1417, named CWISER J124332.12+600126.2, or W1243 for short.

One astronomy lover shared some statistics about the newly found companion to the star found in Ursa Major:

Dr. Jackie Faherty, an astronomer at the American Museum of Natural History and co-founder of the Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 project, admitted the scientific community still doesn’t have a solid definition of the word “planet.” She did emphasize the new discovery could be an “exoplanet,” although there’s no conclusive evidence, yet. Scientists will surely research more about this new planet-like space object in the months and years to come, although no one is quite ready to replace Pluto’s still-vacant spot on the planet list quite yet.

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