Kamala Harris Fails to Salute Soldiers — Again

Kamala Harris Fails to Salute Soldiers — Again

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Our nation’s military men and women put their lives on the line every day, often spending months or years away from their families in order to protect the freedoms we hold dear. This devotion deserves the highest respect, but it seems that Vice President Kamala Harris is not willing to give it.

On Monday, March 22, Harris walked aboard Air Force Two without saluting the honor guard standing by the plane. She also failed to do so on both March 15 and 16 according to Fox News. The tradition of saluting the troops is believed to have begun in 1981 when President Ronald Reagan rendered a salute to the troops guarding his plane. As commander-in-chief, he believed it was appropriate for him to do so, and presidents and vice presidents have since continued the tradition.

Turning Point USA’s founder and president Charlie Kirk shared footage of the scene on Twitter:

Through her lack of a salute, Kamala Harris showed her disdain for our military. As second-in-command for our armed forces, this slight is a huge insult to those who have sworn to protect her. Both President Joe Biden and VP Harris owe respect for our military, as they’re the ones protecting our nation from threats abroad.

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