Kamala Harris Ratings Collapse

Kamala Harris Ratings Collapse

(ConservativeInsider.org) – At the beginning of the year, many Americans assumed incoming Vice President Kamala Harris was setting herself up for a future presidential run. However, after tracking her poll numbers, it seems something major would have to change before the Left would even consider such an “unfavorable” politician for a future presidential ticket.

Harris Is Less “Favorable” Than Ever

On Tuesday, October 26, the LA Times published an article detailing polling about Kamala Harris. The liberal newspaper highlighted that after averaging many polls together, only 42% of registered voters have a “favorable” opinion of Harris, while a majority, 51%, hold an “unfavorable” opinion.

At her inauguration, Harris was more appreciated than not, but all that changed around mid-June. This is when she traveled to Mexico and Guatemala in an effort to address the “root causes” of the border crisis. Soon after that, most Americans viewed her in poor light, emphasizing that she was not making any progress with the tasks President Joe Biden gave her.

Unpacking the Poll Numbers

As Harris campaigns for other Democrats and continues to serve as the second in command, it is important to understand who actually appreciates her. According to YouGov data from October 23, Harris is most unfavored among Republicans and those over the age of 45. Democrats, black Americans, and voters who have a postgraduate education see her in the best light.

Looking back over the past two decades, few vice presidents were able to get back to the favorability they found when they first took office. In America’s highly partisan climate, this is unlikely to change. So, unless Harris actually does something about the border crisis, she’s not favored to make a comeback anytime soon.

Who Is Dragging Who Down?

President Biden is not doing too well in the polls, either. According to RealClearPolitics, Biden is only slightly less disliked than Harris. Currently, around 46% of Americans see him favorably while 51% see him unfavorably. With this, US citizens do not have a leader in the White House that the majority of Americans like or respect. How will they work through this when there are over three years left with both of them in office?

Looking towards the 2022 midterms, Democrats may have a difficult time rallying support for their candidates when their top politicians in the White House are so disliked. Is there another Democrat leader who the majority of Americans actually find “favorable,” or must the party work with an unfavorable from here on out?

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