Kamala Harris Reportedly Energized to See Pro-Abortion Protests

Kamala Harris Reportedly Energized to See Pro-Abortion Protests

Kamala Harris’ Reportedly Energized By THESE Protests

(ConservativeInsider.org) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is quickly taking to her role in presenting rhetoric coming out of the executive branch. However, less than a week into her new job, she has used some surprising language to describe both the president and vice president. While on Air Force One en route to Buffalo, New York, she declared that the top two officials in the United States were “energized” to see pro-abortion protests over the weekend.

On Tuesday, May 17, a reporter asked Jean-Pierre why President Joe Biden did not appear at any of the demonstrations “in defense of abortion rights.” In response, she highlighted that both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris “were energized to see the many people peacefully gathering.”

Despite their clear support of abortion and protests surrounding women’s rights, the top two elected officials failed to show up or personally speak in affirmation of them. Of course, the right to an abortion is not a clear-cut issue, with an intense national debate over when a child’s rights take precedent over a woman’s right to control what is in her body. If the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) overturns Roe v. Wade soon, then the decision of if and when an abortion can take place will move to the states and out of federal control.

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