Kamala Harris Says Abortion Bans Will Hurt People of Color

Kamala Harris Says Abortion Bans Will Hurt People of Color

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Last week, a Texas law went into effect banning abortions after six weeks. This new legislation allows private citizens to sue anyone who performs or assists with the procedure. Pro-life advocates predict the new law could save tens of thousands of unborn babies this year. Yet, Vice President Kamala Harris rallied against the law, claiming it’s an “all-out assault” on healthcare, especially for “women of color.”

Soon after the Texas law went into effect on Wednesday, September 1, Harris released an official statement detailing her opinion of the legislation. She noted how people seeking an abortion will now have to leave Texas for the procedure or “carry their pregnancy to term against their will.” The Vice President shared more of her statement on Twitter:

By insinuating that this new law would hurt women of color more than white women, was Kamala implying that people of color are less able to prevent pregnancy than white women? The new Texas law emphasizes prevention and individual responsibility rather than an often violent procedure when it comes to pregnancy and a woman’s entrance into motherhood.

In the end, people can prevent most unwanted pregnancies, and this Texas law hopes to help steer its constituents to understand and act on that fact.

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