Kamala Harris Thrown Under Bus by Liberals Who Blame Her for Major Failures

Kamala Harris Thrown Under Bus by Liberals Who Blame Her for Major Failures

(ConservativeInsider.org) – When Vice President Kamala Harris took her oath of office in January, Progressives across America fawned over the new second-in-command, looking right past her lack of experience that somehow got her to the White House. But now, nearly half a year into her time in office, many mainstream media outlets are realizing their faux pas and have stopped shielding Harris from criticism.

The LA Times Highlights Harris’ “Limits”

Back in January, the LA Times began a series titled “Covering Kamala Harris” where it celebrated the Vice President’s road to the White House:

However, on Wednesday, June 23, writer Noah Bierman titled a piece in the newspaper “Essential Politics: Failure of elections bill shows limits of Kamala Harris’ influence.” This article shows how the paper may finally be taking a step back from its continual praise of Harris in exchange for some actual journalism.

Bierman Dives Deep Into Harris’ Lack of Presence

In his article, Bierman began by highlighting the “justifiable skepticism” felt across America when Harris was put in charge of the voting rights bill. Bierman pointed out that all Americans saw from Harris was a short rallying cry in front of reporters in Congress and a lackluster statement from the White House after the “For the People Act” failed to pass in the Senate on Tuesday, June 22.

In his words, the “takeaway” from the Vice President’s involvement in this is “how little we saw of her.” Bierman pointed out how her lack of presence in Congress shouldn’t come as a surprise to Americans, noting that the ex-Senator only served there for four years, many of which she was also campaigning with President Joe Biden.

NBC News’ White House Correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell even called the Vice President out on Twitter for her lack of communication with the American people:

Will Other Liberal Papers Follow Suit?

The LA Times was not the only mainstream news outlet to repeatedly praise Kamala Harris. But, Americans will have to wait and see if the paper will start a new trend of actually acknowledging Harris’ lack of influence and ownership in her time as Vice President. Perhaps, if the LA Times can slowly return to real journalism, maybe others can follow suit.

Only time will tell which these progressive papers will decide, as it’s probably more likely that they’ll all find a new common enemy in order to promote their radical agenda that only looks out for its own.

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