Kamala Harris Tries to Axe Interview Over One Simple Question

Kamala Harris Tries to Axe Interview Over One Simple Question

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Perhaps Vice President Kamala Harris should never have agreed to an interview that would air on Comedy Central in the first place. But, she did, and now she must deal with the consequences of fumbling through the banter during an appearance on “Tha God’s Honest Truth” with Lenard “Charlamagne tha God” McKelvey.

On Friday, December 17, Harris spoke with Charlamagne about student debt, voting rights, and the current political dynamics of the United States. At one point during the interview, the Comedy Central host asked Harris, “who the real president of this country is – Is it Joe Biden or Joe Manchin?”

Without missing a beat, Harris’ chief spokesperson and senior advisor Symone Sanders, who is leaving the VP’s staff at the end of the year, said they had to end the interview immediately. However, Harris spoke out, emphasizing she could hear Charlamagne and said Joe Biden is, in fact, the president and she’s the vice president.

Briahna Joy Gray, a contributing editor at Current Affairs, shared the awkward exchange on Twitter:

After the past few months, many Americans are seriously wondering who holds the most power in their nation. While it’s typically the president, the simple fact that Harris’ right-hand woman stepped in to interrupt a question about this speaks volumes about who is, or is not, in charge. Perhaps next time, Harris’ team should err on the side of truth and honesty rather than avoidance during an interview.

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