Kim Jong-un’s Sister Becomes New Biggest Enemy of Joe Biden

Kim Jong-un's Sister Becomes New Biggest Enemy of Joe Biden

( – The United States has anxiously awaited any hint that North Korea would be open to negotiations over the country’s nuclear program. But, Kim Yo Jong, younger sister to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, just shut down any hopes for such a discussion between her nation and the Biden administration.

Last week, Kim Jong-un alluded to a possibility of dialogue with the United States, and US National Security adviser Jake Sullivan responded publicly saying the leader was sending an “interesting signal.”

However, on Tuesday, June 22, Kim Yo Jong was quoted by the official Korean Central News Agency decrying the US interpretation of Kim’s words, saying our nation was trying to “seek a comfort for itself.” She noted that Sullivan’s stated “expectation…would plunge them into a greater disappointment.”

The Associated Press also reported on the story:

This blunt statement has put Kim Yo Jong at the top of the list of President Joe Biden’s greatest enemies. Our president faces an uphill battle towards making our world a safer and less tense place. Only a stern, unfaltering, and firm response to North Korea and its harsh comments will keep the dangerous nation from thinking it can push us around.

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