Laura Ingraham Warns More Lockdowns Coming After GOP Wins on COVID

Laura Ingraham Warns That More Lockdowns Coming After GOP Wins On COVID

( – Democrats used the COVID-19 pandemic to limit travel, promote social unrest, and force masks onto vast numbers of Americans. While these power grabs are coming to an end, Fox News host Laura Ingraham believes the Left will advertise a new type of emergency that would reignite lockdowns with a slightly different purpose.

Are “Climate Lockdowns” Next?

On Wednesday, May 19, during “The Ingraham Angle”, the Fox News host reminded Americans that Democrats believe our nation “isn’t exceptional” and that “it’s systemically racist.” She detailed how the Left uses this mindset to justify the need to take American money and freedom. With this, Ingraham believes that climate lockdowns are likely the Democrats’ next move to limit our constitutional freedoms.

Environmental Activists Celebrated Lockdowns

Ingraham noted during her show how “greeniacs” marveled at the lower levels of carbon emissions during the coronavirus shutdowns, yet they ignored the suffering that most people felt because of job loss and isolation. She acknowledged that the 7% drop in carbon emissions would have been good had the reason for it not “inflicted enormous economic, educational and psychological harm to adults and children alike.”

Looking ahead, Ingraham believes the Left will continue to increase governmental reach by trying to limit carbon emissions through new lockdowns. However, she highlighted that it is vital to remember the “lessons learned in our battle against the COVID lockdowns” so we can fight back against any other future impingement on our rights and liberties.

American Always Comes Back Stronger

Whenever someone hypes up a crisis, it is crucial to get the facts and take a step back from the emotions of the moment. If Democrats try to conjure up fear about an impending climate crisis in the coming months, citizens should ask for just the facts of the situation. The Left may use tactics like pushing green energy and limiting mobility in order to “save our nation,” but Americans know this is probably another power grab.

Just as we conquered COVID-19 and the various struggles that came with it, our resilient, strong, and free nation will face down whatever is thrown our way, even an over-hyped climate crisis.

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