Lawmakers Unveil Plan to Force Hunter Biden Art Dealings to Be Made Public

Lawmakers Unveil Plan to Force Hunter Biden Art Dealings to Be Made Public

( – People constantly seek ways to get on the good side of powerful people, whether by bringing gifts, lending a hand, or reminding them of past favors they’ve been dealt. It’s for this very reason that one GOP lawmaker wants to ensure the buyers of Hunter Biden’s new art show are made public, so that the American people can see just who is trying to buy their way into the Biden family’s good graces.

On Wednesday, July 28, Representative Mike Waltz (R-FL) introduced The Preventing Anonymous Income by Necessitating Transparency of Executive Relatives Act, or PAINTER Act. It would force Hunter Biden and the art gallery selling his paintings, which are somehow valued between $75,000 and $500,000, to disclose the sellers and prices of the artwork.

Waltz shared his reasoning for the bill on Twitter:

Many Americans and lawmakers have been puzzled at Hunter Biden’s entrance into the art world and wonder how a man with no qualifications is able to ask so much for his paintings. Currently, the Ethics in Government Act ensures that spouses and dependent children disclose gifts and income, but the PAINTER Act would extend that to non-dependent children as well.

Through this bill, Waltz is fighting for transparency in an administration that, time and time again, seems to try to hide the truth. Hopefully, the PAINTER Act will become law to protect our democracy from corruption at the highest levels.

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