Lawyers Ask Biden to Pardon Illegal Who Killed Woman

Lawyers Ask Biden to Pardon Illegal Who Murdered Woman

( – America’s justice system allows those charged with crimes to go before a jury of their peers with due process. When people challenge or question these rights granted by the US Constitution, it’s up to lawyers to fight for their client’s freedoms. Two California attorneys are claiming to do just that by asking the Biden administration to pardon an illegal immigrant who killed an innocent woman six years ago.

On Monday, September 13, San Francisco Public Defender’s Office Chief Attorney Matt Garcia and Managing Attorney Francisco Ugarte published a letter on Medium urging President Joe Biden to pardon Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate. Police charged Garcia-Zarate with murder and manslaughter charges after he shot and killed Kate Steinle, an innocent woman who was walking on a California pier with her father.

During his trial, the jury acquitted Garcia-Zarate of all murder and manslaughter charges, declaring Steinle’s death an accident and leaving him with only one conviction of gun possession by an ex-felon. Garcia-Zarate has seven non-violent felonies on his record, and the US government has deported him five times.

Garcia-Zarate remains in jail after President Donald Trump brought federal charges against him after his acquittal. The illegal immigrant lawyers are now asking Biden to pardon him. KRON4 News shared some of their reasoning:

After spending six years in prison due to federal charges that a state-level jury already acquitted him of, Americans now wonder if this is a travesty of justice or if this is exactly how the Constitution made the justice system work.

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