Liberal Journalists Admit Media Was Wrong to Ignore Wuhan Lab Theory

Liberal Journalists Admit Media Was Wrong to Ignore Wuhan Lab Theory

( – Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, mainstream media has been quick to mark any coronavirus origin theories that would blame China or its Wuhan virus lab for the outbreak as insane and ridiculous. Yet, over a year and a half since it first began, liberal journalists are finally admitting that those theories are actually quite probable and well worth investigating.

Columnist Attacks MSM For Their Bias Coronavirus Reporting

When COVID-19 first hit America, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) began sharing probable theories on how it began. Yet, he was called “wild,” “crazy,” and someone who pushed “fringe” conspiracy theories by multiple media outlets and liberal personalities. Despite these ongoing attacks, Cotton continued sharing his hypothesis that COVID could easily have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, even if it wasn’t done on purpose.

Most media outlets continued to push the theory that the virus occurred naturally, but one journalist finally opposed this narrative. On Wednesday, May 26, columnist Matthew Yglesias, who has been published in Slate and The Atlantic, declared that the media has a “genuinely catastrophic” mess up. In a blog post on SlowBoring, he detailed how “fact-checkers” took an “increasingly hard line” against Cotton’s theories, despite no consensus among scientists or politicians that the theory was false.

MSM Gets to Eat a Big Slice of Humble Pie

Different left-leaning outlets are beginning to change their tune about how COVID-19 could have begun. Multiple have published articles highlighting the Wuhan lab theory that was re-introduced last week by the Wall Street Journal. Even CNN acknowledged President Joe Biden stopped a State Department investigation into the origins of COVID-19 that former President Donald Trump had first started.

Every day, more liberal media stations are realizing they misled the American people and that they must report the facts as they are, rather than what they want them to be. Only when our media can face the facts and truth will citizens be able to trust our mainstream news sources again, but even that seems like a stretch.

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