Missile Lands in Israel, Israel Responds

Likely Syrian-Backed Missile Lands in Israel, Israel Responds

(ConservativeInsider.org) – President Joe Biden may not have an easy time getting Iran back on track to sign a nuclear deal after this week’s events in the Middle East. While information is still hazy about just what happened, reports are showing that a Syrian surface-to-air missile landed deep within Israel, prompting a counterattack from the US ally.

On Thursday, April 22, air raid sirens near Dimona, Israel went off after a Russian-made SA-5 missile flew by. According to Israel’s chief army spokesman Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman, the missile flew 200 miles past its target before exploding. Courthouse News covered the story here:

In response, Israel launched airstrikes against the base the missile was launched from. The story behind why the missile was launched in the first place and how it got past some of Israel’s missile defense systems is still unclear. What this event makes clear is the escalating tensions between all countries and groups involved.

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