Majority Of Respondents Unhappy With Biden’s Economy

( – A new poll from the Associated Press shows that over three quarters of Americans view the economy under President Joe Biden as “poor.” This comes at a difficult time for the president, who is currently ramping up his efforts for the 2024 election.

Biden gave a tone-deaf speech at the end of June, declaring that the American economy was “thriving” under his economic plan, dubbed “Bidenomics.” He placed blame for the economy on Republican policies. This contrasts with just 34% of Americans saying they approve of his economic leadership, which is significantly lower than the 60% of Democrats who approve of Biden’s decisions on the economy.

Biden’s overall approval rating hangs around 40%, which is likely to decline if the economy goes into a recession next year as predicted. The economy isn’t the only area in which Biden struggles to gain public approval. The majority of Americans, including half of Democrats, disapprove of the President’s handling of gun policy issues and immigration.

Many commentators, including Breitbart Economic Editor John Carney, have pointed out that despite the lip service Democrats give to social issues, most Americans cannot be tricked into believing the economy is better off than it actually is, because they can see their bills and basic cost of living increase dramatically. Carney suggests that a recession has not been avoided, simply pushed back. He believes a recession is inescapable at this point, and will likely hit next year, which will complicate Biden’s re-election efforts.

Despite the Biden administration’s attitude that the economy is recovering, the vast majority of Americans do not feel the same way. In April 2023, 30% of poll respondents said they thought they economy was good. By May, that figure dropped to 24%. These numbers do not bode well for Biden’s re-election efforts and will assuredly be brought up by Republican challengers in the upcoming primaries.

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