Man Who Assaulted Woman on Train While People Watched Is Illegal

Man Who Assaulted Woman on Train While People Watched Is Illegal

( – People tend to feel safe on public transportation when others are around, assuming the presence of upstanding citizens nearby will help keep them protected should any bad actors come wandering by. However, a recent Philadelphia public transit train incident proved this assumption to be false, as an illegal immigrant assaulted a woman while onlookers not only did nothing, but also filmed the altercation.

On Wednesday, October 13, 35-year old Fiston Ngoy boarded a train in a Philadelphia suburb, sat down next to a female rider, and began to sexually assault her. The Congolese immigrant came to the country on a student visa in 2012, but stayed past his visa’s expiration in 2015. Despite multiple arrests and misdemeanor convictions over the years, Ngoy managed to evade deportation.

During the assault, multiple train passengers filmed the non-consensual altercation, but failed to step in to stop the situation. The rape eventually ended after an off-duty train employee called 911.

One conservative shared more about the horrifying story on Twitter:

With this horrific news, it’s vital to note that Philadelphia is a Sanctuary City, which means the city has laws obstructing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from tracking down and deporting illegals. Perhaps if these restrictions were not in place, Ngoy would never have been on the Philadelphia train in the first place, and the female victim would not have had to go through such a horrifying experience.

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