Many of America’s Largest Jurisdictions Are Controlled by DA’s Funded by Soros

Many of America's Largest Jurisdictions Are Controlled by DA's Funded by Soros

Soros’ MASTERPLAN Revealed – A Damning “Link” Has Just Been Found.

( – Communities all across the nation elect district attorneys (DA) to prosecute alleged criminals on behalf of the state government. These DAs, in turn, recommend sentences, support additional investigations, and present cases against suspects for things like burglary, homicide, and sexual assault. A new report just revealed that many of the nation’s DAs have been funded by one man: George Soros.

In June 2022, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) released a report detailing how Soros backed a minimum of 75 different state-level prosecutors with direct money or infrastructure support. These 75+ DAs represent 20% of all Americans, equating to about 72 million people and half of the nation’s 50 most populated jurisdictions. These Soros-backed DAs also oversee around 40% of homicides.

According to the LELDF, Soros has spent $40 million on direct campaign spending over the past 10 years to help these DAs win elections. He has also given countless support to them through shell organizations.

LELDF President Jason Johnson spoke with the Washington Free Beacon, stating that this funneling of money by Soros is “fundamentally dismantling the criminal justice system as we know it.”

Most candidates backed by Soros have run on “social justice” platforms, hoping to pursue racial justice policies. They are often seen as soft on crime, like eliminating bail and reducing or erasing felony convictions. If these DAs are truly trying to help their constituents, shouldn’t they be protecting them rather than promoting policies to protect convicted criminals?

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