Marco Rubio Says China Will Never Slow Economic Growth Over Climate Change

Marco Rubio Says China Will Never Slow Economic Growth Over Climate Change

( – President Joe Biden wanted to make waves on his first Earth Day in office by setting up a virtual climate summit with over 40 world leaders. The guest list included Russian President Vladimir Putin, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and many more. But, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) questioned why Chinese President Xi Jinping was in attendance, noting that the communist nation has no plans to address climate change and has an atrocious history on the subject.

Rubio Slams China on Its Emissions Record

Speaking with Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria, Senator Rubio called China out for its egregious emissions while simultaneously spending “billions of dollars on fossil fuel-powered plants all over the world.” While the nation does this, they’re happy to encourage the US to limit our emissions and cripple our economy through regulation.

Rubio noted that China is also notorious for saying one thing and doing another. Take for example the South China Sea, which China once said it would not take over, but it’s now “fully militarized.” What’s to say the nation won’t do the same with climate change commitments?

Rubio Understands What Drives China

Rubio didn’t beat around the bush when he said there’s no deal or agreement “that they’ve fully complied with.” He highlighted that China is driven by money and will use its power and resources to maximize its bottom line and not the environment. Their boycott of companies shows that, as well as their willingness to commit atrocious human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims forced into labor.

The US Could Be Vulnerable to China’s Greed

The Florida Senator noted that if the US commits to limiting fossil fuel production on our shores, we’ll be forced to rely on overseas energy providers until our alternative fuel sources are fully operational. This leaves our country subject to other nation’s exports, many of which will be back and operated by China.

While cutting emissions and creating new, cleaner technology are wonderful aspirations, we must not let our nation fall behind or become reliant on others while we make the transition.

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