Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Money Tied to Georgia (REPORT)

Mark Zuckerberg's Election Money Tied to Georgia (REPORT)

( – The 2020 election brought to the surface many questions about mail-in ballot fraud, who should be counting votes, and who should be funding those votes. A new report by the Capital Research Center (CRC) reveals that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg provided an enormous amount of money to a “nonpartisan” nonprofit that helped fund elections around the country.

The CRC outlines just what Zuckerberg was up to:

The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) provided grants to thousands of election officials across the US. But, when available data about the funding given to Georgia was analyzed, it showed clear support to boost votes for Joe Biden.

A few statistics from the report:

  • A county won by Biden was over two-and-a-half times more likely to receive funding than those won by President Donald Trump.
  • In the counties funded by CTCL, Republican presidential votes rose 207,000, whereas Democratic presidential votes rose by 530,000 compared to 2016 numbers.
  • CTCL funded 55% of Biden counties compared to 21% of Trump counties.

President of the CRC, Scott Walker, testified in front of the Georgia Senate Committee on this matter:

The legality of nonprofit funding for elections is hazy. Regardless, it’s vital that citizens know who’s funding their elections. This clear connection between left-leaning money and elections is questionable, at best. Americans must demand transparency for who gets to fund our votes.

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