Mass Recall Issued for Martha Stewart Products

Mass Recall Issued for Martha Stewart Products

( – Despite being a convicted felon, Martha Stewart has managed to build an enormous home decor and hospitality personality that captivated Americans across the nation. People can find her recipes, designs, and kitchen utensils almost anywhere. However, some owners should check their condiment shelf for a new recall from the brand.

On Wednesday, September 29, Macy’s announced a recall on the Martha Stewart Collection Oil & Vinegar Cruets. These handsome dinner table additions consist of a tapered, clear glass body with a metal top. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the glass portion can break and cut the person holding it:

According to Macy’s, six cruets broke so far, lacerating three people, two of which required stitches. The enormous department store sold these Chinese-manufactured cruets from July 2017 until July 2021 for around $22, and will fully refund those who want one. To request a refund, return the product directly to a store or contact Macy’s customer service to request a prepaid shipping label to send it back.

While a nice cruet is essential to a solid salad presentation, most Americans will want to pass on Martha Stewart’s particular piece. Of course, anytime one handles glass there is a chance it could break, but this particular option seems to be extra fragile. Having one break would be the last thing someone wants at their next dinner party.

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