Massive Facebook Scandal Explodes

Massive Facebook Scandal Explodes

( – Facebook has publicly stated that it’s fighting against violent propaganda and extremist hate speech, specifically involving terrorists in the Middle East. However, according to a new POLITICO report, despite Meta’s efforts, its artificial intelligence algorithms allowed users to share multiple horrific posts on the site, further perpetuating violence.

On Sunday, December 19, POLITICO released a report detailing how a Facebook algorithm actually perpetuated violent posts of suicide bombings and calls to kill others, tagging them as “insightful” and “engaging.” Between April and December of this year, some of the Islamic extremist groups sharing these posts had over 100,000 people.

One American shared their disgust with the social media site’s handling of the situation:

While no algorithm or censorship tool will be perfect, POLITICO emphasized that investigators found “scores of groups” supporting terrorism, sharing pornographic images, and promoting violence on the platform. It’s clear that whatever Facebook is currently doing to combat these horrific posts is not working.

While Mark Zuckerberg may hope that changing his company’s name to Meta can separate him from the scandal, most Americans are able to see right through the simple name change. Perhaps rather than hiding from the issues, Meta should use its vast resources to actually crack down on terrorists’ violence-filled rhetoric on its site.

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