Massive Leak Implicates Top Biden Officials

Massive Leak Implicates Top Biden Officials

( – After the United States, UK, and Australia announced their nuclear submarine deal, AUKUS, earlier this year, the French were understandably upset. According to French leadership, they didn’t know about the deal ahead of time or that they would lose their own $66-billion submarine contract with Australia after the announcement. However, a newly leaked report shows this situation is messier than the world first thought.

On Tuesday, November 2, The Australian published an article detailing a 15-page leaked document that allegedly shows President Joe Biden’s advisors knew that France was not told about the AUKUS deal before its announcement. However, this directly conflicts with statements the US president made during an October 29 meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Rome, Italy, shared here by RNC Research:

At the meeting, Biden chalked the miscommunication up to his government being “clumsy,” but emphasized that he didn’t know France was not told of the deal. The leaked report also allegedly details officials from the US, UK, and Australia discussing how different countries, including France, would react to the news, further implying that officials kept France out of the deal on purpose.

If this report is true, President Biden could be lying about how much he knew in an attempt to placate France, or perhaps he truly has an awful memory. A third option could mean his advisors actually left him out of this decision, something that would raise many additional and frightening questions. Hopefully, investigators can uncover more information about this ever-developing situation to understand just what did or didn’t happen leading up to the AUKUS announcement.

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